Has your anger ever gotten the best of you? Maybe you flipped off someone in traffic or yelled at your boss. Anger is a natural emotion, but going from zero to 100 or seething inside with anger for hours may indicate that you are having trouble expressing your emotions effectively and are stuck in an unhelpful pattern of behaviour. 
Uncontrolled anger may hurt you or others...
anger management Barrie


  • Increased risk of health problems
  • Strained or broken relationships
  • Low self-esteem, feelings of guilt or shame
  • Putting others in distress
  • Poor work performance or conflict at work
  • Trouble with the law
Anger is often a secondary emotion. On the surface, what may appear as anger might actually be some other distressing emotion or feeling such as anxiety, rejection, fear, powerlessness, irritability, sadness, disrespect, humiliation, annoyance, stress and so forth. Don't let your anger control you anymore- learn how to manage anger and express your feelings better through anger management therapy, today. 

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