Do you have a hard time saying "no" to other people, even when you should? And do you find yourself always feeling guilty when you do say no? Have you ever found yourself sacrificing your personal needs for the sake of others? Do you find people take advantage of you, and your willingness to help? Are you afraid to stand up for yourself out of fear of what others might say?


Using assertive communication skills to set healthy boundaries in any type of relationship (e.g., friends, family, partner/spouse, coworker) can be difficult, especially if you were raised to always "be nice" and to put others' needs before your own. Being a "people pleaser" often comes from good intentions, but if proper boundaries are not maintained, you may find yourself starting to resent the people in your life and not feeling satisfied or appreciated in relationships. 

Counselling for assertive communication and repairing unhealthy boundaries can help you take back control over your life and start having your needs met and feelings heard in relationships. 

Benefits of assertive communication and setting healthy boundaries:

  • Maintain healthy relationships

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Conserve emotional energy

  • Build self-confidence 

  • Gain respect from others

  • Enhance self-compassion

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