It is devastating when you lose someone or something you loved and cherished, whether that be a family member, a pet, your relationship, or job. Loss is painful, and it can stir up a range of agonizing emotions that are sometimes complicated and difficult to deal with. 

Everyone grieves differently. There can be any number of emotional, physical, behavioural, and spiritual responses to grief. The grieving process is a natural and healthy reaction to loss, but individuals may become stuck in the process and unable to move forward with life, potentially even developing significant anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Normal emotional reactions to grief and loss:

  • Sadness

  • Anger

  • Guilt

  • Despair

  • Shock

  • Denial

  • Disbelief

  • Confusion

  • Shame

  • Numbness

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When the intense and overwhelming feelings of grief linger for an extended period of time, it is called "complicated grief". This heightened state of mourning prevents one from healing and recovery, often disrupting other life domains such as work, family life, and relationships. 

If you are experiencing complicated grief, counselling can give you the support needed to healthily recover and find new meaning and acceptance in your life. You will learn how to cope with the painful emotions, accept the devastating loss, and adjust to your new reality.

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